Accident insurance

In a nutshell 

As a Novartis employee in Switzerland, you are covered by basic insurance with SUVA in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG).

Accident insurance law - benefits

Unfall oder Krankheit? Welche Versicherung bezahlt? ( (only in german)

The benefits are limited by law (!)*

According to the Swiss Accident Insurance Act (UVG), all employees working in Switzerland are compulsorily insured against accidents

*Check your personal accident coverage

Treatment costs (care services and cost reimbursements)

You are insured by SUVA accident insurance for the costs of treatment, accommodation and meals in the general ward during hospital stays. If you have insurance for semi-private or private ward with your health insurance company, the accident risk is usually included there. However, it is advisable to check this. In the event of an accident abroad, the accident insurance benefits are limited: at most, only twice the amount of the costs that would have been incurred for treatment in Switzerland will be reimbursed. It is advisable to take out additional insurance, e.g. when traveling to the USA, Canada and Australia. Travel, transport, salvage and rescue costs in case of medical necessity are also insured abroad to a limited amount. Additional insurance can also help here. At SWICA, for example, this would be the accident supplement "Infortuna Healing Costs Supplementary Insurance".

Does the insurance continue to pay despite termination?

"I had an accident. I am currently unable to work and receive daily allowances from the Company Accident Insurance. Now I would like to resign from my job. Will I continue to receive daily accident benefits after my employment ends?"

Yes, according to the law, the entitlement to daily benefits from accident insurance only expires when the insured person regains full capacity for work, when a pension begins or when the insured person dies. Termination of the employment relationship does not change this - regardless of whether the employer or the employee gives notice. You will therefore continue to receive daily accident benefits until you are fully able to work again or receive a disability pension.

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Report an accident as soon as possible

Please report an accident via the Novartis Intranet here: UKA Send (novartis.intra)  

Or via SunetLight | Suva

SUVA requests for cost credits

SUVA Basel Phone +41 58 411 12 13, E-Mail:, Client-number: 412-8036.0

Do not forget

Clarify whether you have taken out supplementary accident insurance (usually your supplementary health insurance) and inform the service provider with the corresponding insurance number. 

Accident abroad, Emergency?      

If you are abroad and need help, +41 848 724 144 Assistance Immediate Help