Life insurance

A death or a sudden disability is a tragic misfortune. To ensure that you or your survivors are not also burdened with financial problems during this difficult time, it may be appropriate - after a careful needs analysis - to take out an insurance policy to cover these risks.

Insured benefits

Lump-sum death and/or disability benefit:
Insures a lump sum death and/or disability benefit payable to beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured person.

Disability pension:
Insured is a disability pension that is paid in the event of disability due to illness or accident. 


In the following cases, it is advisable to clarify the need for insurance to cover these risks:

You want to offer your partner or your family additional financial security

You also want to insure your mortgage

Before you take out a life insurance, get an overview of the risk benefits offered by our Pension Funds and AHV. Only then can you establish your need for additional insurance cover. In this way, you avoid double insurance cover and save on premiums. Ideally, make an appointment with a consultant from the Novartis Pension Funds.

If, after these clarifications, a need arises for you to take out additional term life insurance, please use the calculator

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Cooperation with AXA in Basel 

The last tender shows that the set target & quality criteria were best met in both lines of business (non-life and life) by AXA. 12 life insurers were contacted.  In the Life segment, AXA will be able to offer an advantageous tariff within AXA, which is not available in this form to any other distribution channel and represents a discount of around 24% on its existing tariff, which is already one of the most favorable offers on the market. In addition, having a single partner for both term life and non-life business would not be a bad thing at all, simplifying the process as part of a "one-stop store" and is very much welcomed by employees.