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Health insurance

Who can join the collective health insurance?

All associates of Novartis with an indefinite employment contract can join the collective agreement for health insurance treatment costs. The spouse or domestic partner and children aged up to 25 years who have to be provided for and who are living in the same household can also benefit from the advantages of the collective agreement. A new admission to the insurance is not possible after the age of 60.

What is the period of notice?

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG) the compulsory basic insurance can be terminated on June 30 and December 31 subject to three months’ notice. However, basic insurance plans that offer a choice of annual deductible and alternative models such as primary care or Telmed can only be terminated with effect from the end of the year. Top-up insurance plans according to the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) can usually only be terminated with effect from December 31 subject to three months’ notice, unless a longer contract has been agreed (some providers have longer periods of notice). After the announcement of an increase in the premium at the end of a given calendar year, basic and top-up insurance plans can be terminated within a maximum of 30 days.

When and how is the premium charged?

The premiums in the collective insurance are deducted – where applicable for the whole family – directly from your monthly salary or from your pension for the current month.

Is it possible to remain insured in the collective agreement after leaving Novartis?

Yes, provided you keep your residence in Switzerland. If you move abroad, special conditions apply.

Property insurance

How is the insured sum for household insurance determined?

The insured sum should correspond to the replacement value of your household contents. A useful aid for determining this is the inventory sheet or a calculation table provided by the insurer. If you insure your household contents for a value that is too low, you will be underinsured.

Underinsurance can have unpleasant consequences for you, because in the event of a claim you will not receive full compensation. Also in the eventuality of partial damage the insurance benefit will be reduced in proportion to the underinsurance.

How is the premium paid?

After you conclude an insurance agreement, the insurer will send you an invoice for the premium, which has to be paid using the paying-in slip.

For how long should the insurance be taken out?

It is always an advantage to conclude agreements for just one year. In this way, you remain flexible and can change insurer when the year is over.

Accident insurance

Where and how am I covered for accidents?

Basically as an associate of Novartis you have to be insured with SUVA against the consequences of occupational and non-occupational accidents, if you work more than 8 hours a week.

Accident insurance

What do I do in the case of an accident?

Thank you for your query concerning accident insurance. SUVA, the basic accident insurance provider is required to pay benefits in advance and reflect the legally stipulated minimum amount according to the federal accident insurance law (UVG). Benefits that may go above can be requested to be claimed at your supplementary accident insurance of your health insurance. Please also contact your supplementary health insurance - in addition to SUVA - otherwise the hospital will only initiate basic coverage measures. 

How to report an accident?

You can report an accident online. The reported accident will be processed and forwarded to SUVA automatically. 

Please use the following Link:

UKA Send (novartis.intra) or contact the Service-Number: +41 61 324 44 44 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime

How am I covered in the event of an accident abroad?

For medical treatment abroad – either outpatient or inpatient, incl. medicines and medially prescribed cures – you will be covered for a maximum of double the costs that would have arisen for treatment in Switzerland (general hospital ward).

Costs for any search and rescue operations needed and also for medically indicated travel and transportation are at present covered up to a maximum of CHF 25,200. Since this sum may not be sufficient for repatriation from far-off countries, it is advisable to take out appropriate top-up insurance cover for such eventualities. – On business trips, Novartis provides subsidiary cover for the costs incurred (see expenses regulations).

SUVA grants the same benefits in the event of an accident abroad as it does for accidents in Switzerland.


Is it possible to take out accident insurance after leaving the company or in the case of unpaid leave?

You can extend your accident cover for a maximum of 6 months. You can obtain the necessary form for this special extension agreement from HR Services Switzerland, phone: +41 (0)61 324 44 44, or from us.