What you need

The following scenarios may apply to you:

  • I heard I have to take out health insurance / My municipality of residence requires a copy of my health insurance policy 
  • What insurance do I have with Novartis and what should I look for?
  • The school requires a confirmation of insurance for my child
  • The landlord requires a copy of a personal liability insurance policy
  • The car repair shop requires proof in order to redeem the license plates for the new car
  • Should I pay into the third pillar or would I rather pay into the pension fund? 
  • I have received the pension certificate. I do not understand it, what is PK1, PK2, KK?


Step 1: Short meeting (MS Teams or phone)

Contact us
for an initial brief meeting (Swiss health insurance system – SWICA) + to better understand your concerns and those of your family members. 

Two options:

  • Together, using innovative tools, we tailor your perfect solution 


  • We have three ready-made "Silver, Gold & Platinum" proposals prepared for you. 


Step 2: Arrangement of a Neutral Info Session

In a personal meeting, we will go through the main points of the quotations with you; price/benefits, models, cost sharing, general insurance conditions, etc.

At your request, we will - for the sake of transparency - also go into the results of our tender, which we conducted with Comparis. We show you the results/offers of the other insurance companies.


Step 3: Underwriting / Consulting 

The Novartis teams of the preferred partners take over the underwriting and consulting. You can sign the documents electronically and send them directly. 


Step 4: Your valued feedback 

Once you have completed all necessary insurance matters, we would appreciate your valued feedback, in the form of a brief electronic questionnaire, which we will send to you. Thank you!

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