What you need

As an employee of Novartis, we will inform you and the family members living in the same household about the existing insurance offer and the special conditions of the partners selected through a neutral tendering procedure. Contact us for an appointment

Scenarios that may apply to you

  • I heard I have to take out health insurance / My municipality of residence requires a copy of my health insurance policy 
  • What insurance do I have with Novartis and what should I look for?
  • The school requires a confirmation of insurance for my child
  • The landlord requires a copy of a personal liability insurance policy
  • The car repair shop requires proof in order to redeem the license plates for the new car
  • Should I pay into the third pillar or would I rather pay into the pension fund? 
  • I have received the pension certificate. I do not understand it, what is PK1, PK2, KK?

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