What you need

  1. Health insurance according to KVG (obligatory) with supplementary insurance according to VVG with accident supplement (highly recommended)
  2. Personal liability insurance (highly recommended) 
  3. Household contents insurance (recommended)  

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Depending on your needs and life circumstances also useful: 

  • Motor vehicle insurance (if you own a car, for example)
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Cancellation costs insurance (travel)
  • Disability insurance/death insurance (term life)
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Life insurance/risk life Pillar 3a/b

The following scenarios may apply to you:

  • I heard I have to take out health insurance / My municipality of residence requires a copy of my health insurance policy 
  • What insurance do I have with Novartis and what should I look for?
  • The school requires a confirmation of insurance for my child
  • The landlord requires a copy of a personal liability insurance policy
  • The car repair shop requires proof in order to redeem the license plates for the new car
  • Should I pay into the third pillar or would I rather pay into the pension fund? 
  • I have received the pension certificate. I do not understand it, what is PK1, PK2, KK?


Step 1: Short meeting (MS Teams or phone)

Contact us
for an initial brief meeting (Swiss health insurance system – SWICA) + to better understand your concerns and those of your family members. 

Two options:

  1. Live on the screen, we calculate your insurance together for you and your family. Quick, easy to understand and uncomplicated. 


    Or we can send you three ready-made proposals "Silver, Gold & Platinum" offers via email. You choose. 


Step 2: Arrangement of a Neutral Info Session

In a personal meeting, we will go through the main points of the quotations with you; price/benefits, models, cost sharing, general insurance conditions, etc.

At your request, we will - for the sake of transparency - also go into the results of our tender, which we conducted with Comparis. We show you the results/offers of the other insurance companies.


Step 3: Underwriting / Consulting 

The Novartis teams of the preferred partners take over the underwriting and consulting. You can sign the documents electronically and send them directly. 


Step 4: Your valued feedback 

Once you have completed all necessary insurance matters, we would appreciate your valued feedback, in the form of a brief electronic questionnaire, which we will send to you. Thank you!