What you benefit from

Insurance local contract Switzerland

Accident Insurance (UVG)
As an employee, you are compulsorily insured under the Federal Act on Accident Insurance (UVG). Novartis pays the premium not only for occupational accidents, but also for non-occupational accidents. However, you are advised to take out supplementary accident insurance as well, unless you have an employment contract with Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG or Novartis Innovative Therapies AG, in which case you will benefit from their supplementary accident insurance.

Novartis Daily Sickness Benefits Insurance (for persons with a permanent employment contract with Novartis in Switzerland)
In the event of incapacity to work due to illness you are re insured through a daily sickness benefits insurance paid by Novartis. It covers the insured salary from the first day of illness for a maximum of 720 days within a period of 900 days, including an advantageous right to transfer to individual insurance on exit.   

Old-age and Survivors’ Insurance (OASI)
The OASI is intended to cover the basic living costs in old age or in case of death. As a public scheme, the OASI is compulsory for everyone. Contributions to OASI are paid in equal shares by Novartis and you.  

Disability Insurance (DI)
In the case of a disability, DI provides disability benefits out of the state social security benefits, which is an obligatory insurance. It aims to use rehabilitation measures or financial support to ensure the livelihoods of those who suffer from disabilities.

Unemployment Insurance (ALV)
Unemployment insurance is a state institution and compulsory for all employees. The contributions are deducted directly from your monthly pay. Novartis covers half of the contributions. Generally, persons who become unemployed receive financial support over a certain period of time. Unemployed persons must contact the regional employment centre (RAV), which will help with finding employment. 

Pension Funds
Depending on your total pensionable income (ABS and STI), you will be eligible for the Pension Scheme of which the funding terms are based on a ratio of 2:1 employer to employee contributions. This covers various payments such as disability pension, spouse / domestic partner’s pension, children’s pension, lump sum payment on death, retirement lump sum payment, retirement, and risk benefits. To the Pension Funds Website.

Retirement Preparation Seminar
To help you feel well prepared for life beyond work, Novartis offers a two-day Retirement Preparation Seminar to all colleagues aged 58 and over.

Insurance Services Novartis
Is a free and independent internal service that gives you, your partner and your family peace of mind. Not only can you profit from tailormade package discounts or plans for supplementary health insurance without any need for a health declaration, but you can also benefit from offers for household, personal liability, car, life insurance and more. 

Useful information on the closing

Before you take out an insurance policy, get an overview of the risks for which you and your family members are already covered. Only in this way can you establish your real need for additional insurance. This will enable you to avoid any double insurance and save on premiums. If after studying this information you find that you need to take out additional insurance, then make sure you conclude agreements as far as possible with an annual right of termination.

Advantageous conditions

In addition to our internal, independent insurance advice, you, your family or your partner in the same household can benefit from discounts such as

Health insurance

  • Hospital supplement semi-private or private worldwide planned treatments unlimited approx 25% discount.
  • outpatient treatments worldwide planned, and check ups, gym ca 10% discount
  • Health bonus program up to 15%
  • Libre Passage for: Completa Top, Praeventa, Infortuna, Hospita General (admission without the otherwise usual health check with possible rejections or reservations). 

Other insurance

  • Motor vehicle insurances 20% on liability, casco, accident and no application of the tariff criterion "nationality"
  • Household insurances 25% 
  • Watercraft insurance 15% on liability, hull, accident
  • Legal expenses insurance 15% 
  • travel insurances 15%
  • Buildings insurance 10%
  • Travel insurance 15%
  • Building insurance 10%


Tips on health insurance

  • Take advantage of savings models in basic insurance (telephone consultation model, HMO/Santé model, family doctor model, pharmacy model) and, before joining a savings model, find out what the consequences are for you if you do not follow the rules and, for example, seek treatment directly from a specialist without prior authorization. 
  • Raise your deductible: A higher deductible than the standard deductible can save up to 50 percent on premiums. Whether it is worthwhile depends on the annual health costs (doctor, hospital, medication costs), for example, if your health costs do not exceed 1700 francs per year.

Tips for private liability insurance

  • Regularly check and compare insurance and if everything is still up to date (single coverage, multi-person etc)
  • Only conclude one-year contracts. Without cancellation, the personal liability insurance is tacitly extended by one year. This way you enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage at all times.
  • You do not have to take out the additional insurance, such as jewelry, with the same insurer. Take advantage of the comprehensive offer and choose the most favorable option.
  • Choose the coverage amount of ten-million. The surcharge compared to the three- or five-million variant is low with the Novartis AXA package.
  • Find out about the scope of benefits. If you engage in hobbies such as extreme sports or are a hunter, you may need to insure these risks additionally.
  • For renters, the deductible is usually 200 francs per loss event. However, some insurance companies charge up to ten percent of the damage. Avoid such insurances. Especially if you have a family with small children.
  • Homeowner's liability is covered by all insurance policies. However, this does not apply to condominium owners. With some insurers, this is not covered 

Tips for household insurance

  • If you have nothing at all, you can't lose anything and you don't need to insure anything. If your household goods only consist of the most essential items, a lower sum insured can be chosen. But adjust this during the years. Consider: Over time, your household contents will probably grow and there are often many small items in a household contents, which add up to a considerable sum. Therefore, do not under-insure your household contents.
  • Check and compare your insurance every few years
  • The premium is mainly based on the sum insured. This is equal to the replacement value of the entire household. This is the amount you would have to pay for all the items in your household in the event of a claim.
  • Tenants pay less than homeowners because tenants do not have to insure furnishings that belong to the landlord. These are, for example, window panes, lavabos, toilets or kitchen equipment. If you, as a tenant, damage such items, your personal liability insurance will pay for the damage.
  • Do not increase the deductible: All premiums for household insurance are subject to a deductible. This is normally 200 francs per claim. This means that in the event of a claim, you must pay 200 francs of the costs. Thus, you will not receive any money from the insurer in case of minor damage. It is possible to adjust the deductible individually. But usually it is not worth it, because the insurers only grant a too small premium reduction.
  • Do without the so-called "simple theft away from home"? It depends. The most common items stolen are sports equipment, cell phones, computers or luggage. However, if you do not have expensive items with you when you are away from home, you can waive the addition. Thus, you lower your premiums. "Simple theft away from home" covers damage caused by theft away from home.

Pay attention to the following before taking out a household insurance policy:

  • Get quote options. 
  • Adapt the insurance coverage to your personal circumstances.
  • With many providers, the insurance term is five years but supplement this with an additional clause: annual right to cancel. 
  • Insure your household contents appropriately. For this purpose, contact us so that we can send you an inventory sheet. 
  • Cohabiting couples should make sure that they are treated as one family in the household insurance.