Private liability (highly recommended)

Covers property damage and personal for which you as a private individual are liable to third parties.

Conclude online: Personal liability insurance | AXA

Insured risks

Cover for financial risk of liability claims against you or members of your family by a third party.

Insured benefits

The insurance covers the financial consequences of liability claims up to the agreed guarantee sum and defence against unjustified claims of third parties.

Insured persons

The insured person and his or her family members provided the agreement is concluded as a family insurance.


A private liability insurance makes sense, even if it is not compulsory. Anyone can unwittingly become liable and thus run a considerable risk. Personal injuries and damage in the course of work are typically not covered. Recommendation: a guarantee sum of at least 5 million francs. If you occasionally borrow cars from private persons, it is advisable to conclude an appropriate supplementary insurance.

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