Household insurance

Key points at a glance

  • Covers all important risks: Household contents insurance covers costs when it comes to theft as well as fire and water damage related to your home.
  • Individual supplementary insurance: You can additionally insure expensive items that you are particularly fond of (e.g. jewelry, sports equipment, electronics, etc.).

Advantages with AXA

Basic cover

  • Fire and natural hazards: Your entire household contents are insured at reinstatement value against damage from fire and natural hazards such as storm, high water and floods, hail or avalanche. 
  • Theft: Simple theft as well as theft and burglary are among the generally insured risks. If criminals gain access to your home and steal or damage your possessions. 
  • Costs relating to claims: Of course you are not responsible for the costs associated with an incident either. The cost of cleaning up after water damage or for the re-issue of identity documents and other documents is also insured.

Supplementary cover

Through its modular structure, household contents insurance from AXA can be expanded in line with individual needs as a type of "household contents accidental damage". This way you only insure what you want to and only pay for other benefits you actually need, such as protection for your art collection or house keys. 

  • Theft away from home: This is advisable if you would like insurance cover for possessions that you have taken with you when traveling in Switzerland or abroad. If your handbag is stolen when you're in a café or your bicycle is stolen from a railroad station.
  • Breakage of windows, washbasins and building glass: Makes sense for homeowners who would like to be fully insured against financial risks. If, for example, the new washbasin is damaged by a falling perfume bottle, AXA pays for the damage.
  • Stone or glass breakage for furnishings: This is worth considering if you have fittings in your house  that are made of glass and stone. If a glass jar falls onto the marble top in the kitchen and damages it. 
  • Earthquakes: Luckily earthquakes are not commonplace in Switzerland, but they can happen and can be devastating. If you want to protect your belongings against this natural disaster, you can do so. 
  • Gross negligence: It makes sense to extend the insurance to anyone who would like to be on the safe side, even if they have caused the damage themselves. If unattended candles cause a fire in your home, the benefits of AXA supplementary cover will not be affected, even in the event of gross negligence.
  • Loss of keys and key service: A good thing and not only for tenants, as it's always expensive to have locks opened and  replaced. If, for example, you lose your key to your rental or holiday home. 
  • Emergency home services: To prevent small claims getting unnecessarily larger, such as blocked drain pipes when quick support is required. 

Extra protection

  • Smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics: You drop your cell phone or another electronic device and it's broken - this additional option ensures that you don't have to pay for a replacement or for repairs. 
  • Bicycles, electric bikes and sports equipment: You fall off your bike or electric bike and it's badly damaged. AXA covers the costs of the repairs.
  • Luggage: Your luggage arrives in the hotel late - Axa pays the costs for necessary purchases or the costs for replacements if your luggage never arrives. 
  • Glasses, hearing aids and medical aids: You accidentally sit on your glasses and damage them. It costs several hundred Swiss francs to replace them and AXA covers this.
  • Jewelry, watches and musical instruments: Your wedding ring slips off your finger when you're swimming in a lake or your Rolex is damaged after falling onto the tiled bathroom floor.  


The insured sum should correspond to the effective value of the household contents. Ideally, the insured sum should be calculated based on an inventory sheet provided by the insurer. It is important to keep the insured sum constantly adjusted to take account of inflation or the replacement value; otherwise you will find yourself underinsured and the insurer may make reductions in the event of a claim. Only conclude one-year agreements.