Car insurance

Key points at a glance

  • Third-party liability insurance – mandatory for everyone: Motor vehicle liability insurance covers damage that you (or anyone else driving your car) causes to a third party with your car.
  • Accidental damage – for damage to your car: Accidental damage also covers you for damage to your vehicle. You can choose between partial accidental damage (damage caused by bad weather, animals and unknown persons) and comprehensive accidental damage (partial accidental damage plus any damage you cause yourself).
  • Add-ons for your individual protection: Round out your insurance coverage with attractive benefits such as damage to a parked vehicle, bonus protection or roadside assistance including onward travel.



Car liability insurance

Car liability insurance is mandatory under Swiss law and must be concluded before you can register your vehicle. It covers damage that you as the driver cause to people, animals or property.

You can also choose to insure damage caused to your own property. This add-on policy also covers the costs of a collision with your second car or your garage door.

Comprehensive insurance

Partial accidental damage insurance covers damage caused to your car by natural hazards, animals and unknown persons. The following are insured:

  • Theft including car hacking (e.g. misuse of keyless system) and misappropriation
  • Glass breakage  to front, rear and side windows
  • Natural hazards, hail, rockslides, etc., plus fire or lightning strikes
  • Damage caused by martens and rodents as well as collisions with animals (e.g. hitting a wild animal)
  • Malicious damage such as breaking off or damaging antennas, side view mirrors, etc. (without scratching)

Comprehensive accidental damage insurance offers complete protection for your car. In addition to all the benefits of partial accidental damage, it also covers damage to your car that you cause yourself (collision). Comprehensive accidental damage insurance covers: 

  • All the benefits of partial accidental damage insurance
  • Collision: Bodywork damage due to a collision with another car, post, etc.

Additionally selectable to fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurance

  • Parking damage insurance: covers  any kind of damage – paintwork, bodywork, etc. – to your parked vehicle by unknown persons or vehicles
  • Damage to headlights and side view mirrors
  • Damage to the vehicle interior 
  • Flat tires or scratches on the rims
  • Personal belongings in your vehicle such as laptops, smartphones, etc.  damaged in a vehicle collision or stolen from the vehicle
  • Loss of and damage to vehicle keys, including remote control and keyless access systems


Services and add-ons

  • Gross negligence: Benefits are not reduced for accidents and damage caused by gross negligence (such as driving through a red light).
  • Bonus protection: This guarantees that you don’t lose the discount on your insurance premium if you have an accident. Claims-free driving gradually lowers your car insurance premium  – until it’s just 30 percent of the original amount. 
  • Roadside assistance including onward travel
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Vehicle legal protection
  • Injury to you and your passengers

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