Business travel insurance

Beginning and end of insurance cover for a Novartis-approved business trip (e.g. congress in New York)

The insurance cover begins at the moment when the insured person leaves his or her usual place of residence or work (including in the country of employment) (the defining criterion is the place which the person left last) and ends with the return to the usual place of residence or work (the defining criterion is the place to which the person returns first).

Travel by sales representatives to their customers within Switzerland is excluded from insurance coverage.

Area and time covered by insurance

Insurance covers business trips worldwide for up to 12 months. Business trips within the country of residence or employment are only covered if the one-way distance is at least 24 km.

Insured persons

Group 1 of insured persons

All associates of Novartis and its subsidiary companies based in Switzerland.

Group 2 of insured persons

Accompanying spouses, domestic partners and/or registered partners as well as children of insured persons in Group 1, provided they are accompanying the insured person in Group 1 on a business trip

Group 3 of insured persons

Guests who are traveling on a business trip at the expense and with the knowledge and agreement of Novartis or subsidiary companies based in Switzerland.

Insured benefits

The effective scope of insurance in individual cases is governed by the corresponding contractual provisions (insurance policy between Novartis and Zurich Insurance and the respective insurance contract conditions) and legal provisions. A rough, non-prejudicial overview is provided in Art. 8.

Accident and sickness claims

Please use the claims form (contact insurance services Novartis) and send this together with any payment receipts to one of the following addresses, according to your response to the questions:

Are you employed/domiciled in Switzerland?

If so, please contact: businesstravelsome protection@with

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Assistance Claims, P.O. Box, CH - 8085 Zurich 

Are you employed/domiciled outside Switzerland?

If so, please contact:

Email: a&

Zurich GCUK Accident & Health Claims Team, 3000A Parkway, Whiteley, Fareham, PO15 7JZ, UK


Overview of benefits


  • Disability lump sum in the case of accident
  • Death lump sum in the case of accident
  • Funeral costs
  • Treatment costs supplementary to existing private insurance / social security
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Material damage resulting from an accident
  • Daily hospital allowance
  • Cancellation/Annulation costs
  • Travel protection – interruption or termination of trip
  • Luggage insurance – additional cover
  • Delayed Luggage
  • Car rental - excess exclusion
  • Business trip – personal liability
  • Legal protection in the event of prosecution

Note: with the exception of lump-sum payments and the daily hospital allowance, all other benefits are basically subsidiary, i.e. only paid supplementary to an existing social or private insurance. Cost sharing (e.g. franchise/excess payments) may not be insured either with a health insurer or with a private insurance institution, according to Art. 64 Para. 8 Health Insurance Act.  Accumulated maximum sums per claim: 31,300,000; for multi-engine aircraft: 24,460,000; for all other aircraft 4,900,000.

The purpose of this information page is to provide insured persons with a clear and concise overview of the essential content of the present insurance agreement between Novartis and Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Novartis is not under any obligation to keep this information page up to date following amendments to the policy or the insurance agreement or any other events.

The rights and obligations both of the contracting parties arise exclusively out of the currently valid policy with Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, the conditions of the currently valid insurance agreement and the applicable laws. This insurance does not form a part of the employment contract, and Novartis is free to amend the conditions at any time without the agreement of the associates or to terminate the insurance agreement with Zurich Insurance Company Ltd subject to the applicable periods of notice, upon which your rights and obligations in respect of the policy and the insurance agreement will also change or cease accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please contact Insurance Services Novartis.