What we do

Employees who have recently moved to Switzerland have to rearrange and reorganize large parts of their day-to-day lives. One important area of concern here is the question of insurance coverage, some of which is compulsory.

Insurance Services Novartis provide free consultation for Novartis associates. These services are guided by objective criteria and provided in the interests of the employee. Responsibility for the decision on whether or not to enter into an insurance agreement and the insurance conditions that may be applicable lies solely with
the employee.

The consulting service encompasses the following areas of insurance:

  • Health (legally required basic insurance and voluntary supplementary insurance plans)
  • Private liability (insurance cover for losses caused to third parties)
  • Household (insurance cover for losses in own household)
  • Motor vehicle (insurance for liability and semi- or fully comprehensive cover)
  • Life (as security for a loan or in association with the home ownership promotion scheme)

Employees and their family members profit from attractive benefits and discounts, which have been negotiated with selected insurance companies.