Life Annuity

In cooperation with Swiss Life and VZ VermögensZentrum, we are offering the option of concluding life annuities with preferential conditions for Novartis associates. The life annuity is an insurance that guarantees a lifelong pension. Most life insurers offer such pensions. The conversion rate depends on various factors, such as age and refund. In principle, the older the insured person when the insurance is concluded, the higher the conversion rate. Experience shows that, at retirement age, the conversion rate is lower than in the pension fund. The annuity is only one of many possibilities for putting your savings to good use in old age. Make sure you check out the alternatives.

Services provided by VZ

Free quick check:

VZ VermögensZentrum offers a quick check free of charge. This includes the following points:

  • Discussion of personal life insurance offer (temporary or life annuity)
  • Comparison of various options for securing income with advantages and disadvantages
  • Comparison of these options (quantitative) incl. impact on taxation
  • Highlighting of the most important questions concerning retirement: AHV, pension fund, financial investments, taxes, mortgage, property, insurance

Fee-based consultation: If you want to avail yourself of other consultation services besides the quick check, VZ Vermögens Zentrum offers assistance on questions concerning issues such as retirement, property, mortgages, taxation, insurance and financial investments. Following the consultation, you will receive targeted planning and decision-making documentation containing all the relevant information plus a concluding timeframe and planning horizon.

The consultation is charged by the hour. The hourly rate is 220 francs plus 8% VAT. VZ offers Novartis associates a 10% discount of on all consultation fees.

Please contact:

VZ VermögensZentrum

Aeschengraben 20

4051 Basel

Telefon 061 279 89 89
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