Household insurance

Household insurance covers damage to the contents of the house that do not form part of the building. As a rule the cost of purchasing such property new is taken as its replacement value.

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Insured risks

Depending on the agreement, the policy will usually cover the following risks:

  • Fire (incl. damage resulting from natural hazards)
  • Water
  • Theft
  • Glass breakage
  • Other supplementary insurance is possible (e.g. theft away from home)

Insured benefits

The household contents are insured for their replacement value.

Insured persons

The insured person and his or her family members living in the same household, provided this is contractually agreed.


The insured sum should correspond to the effective value of the household contents. Ideally, the insured sum should be calculated based on an inventory sheet provided by the insurer. It is important to keep the insured sum constantly adjusted to take account of inflation or the replacement value; otherwise you will find yourself underinsured and the insurer may make reductions in the event of a claim. Only conclude one-year agreements.