Our contribution

Our contribution is to simplify life in the Swiss insurance jungle for Novartis and its associates and covers the following two areas:

  1. On the one hand, in advising new and/or existing associates and their family members on insurance matters.
  2. On the other hand, as a competence center for the personal insurances of Novartis (SUVA, KTG, KVG/VVG etc)


Free of charge & neutral

Insurance Services Novartis is a free service for Novartis associates. It is provided according to objective criteria and in the interest of the associates. Employees are solely responsible for the conclusion or non-conclusion of a contract and the insurance conditions, if any, applicable thereto. The advice provided covers the following insurance areas:

  • Company related insurance
  • Health Insurance (statutory basic insurance and voluntary supplementary insurance)
  • Personal liability (insurance cover for damage caused to third parties and defense against unjustified claims)
  • Household contents (insurance cover for damage to own household contents)
  • Motor vehicle (insurance coverage for liability and comprehensive insurance)
  • Term life (to supplement retirement, death, & disability benefits) 

Employees and their family members benefit from attractive benefits and discounts, which have been negotiated with selected insurance companies in an invitation procedure.  The premiums for basic health insurance are available from all health insurers on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Individual responsibility

Our consulting is provided according to objective criteria, based on the information provided by associates. Responsibility for the final decision on whether or not to conclude an insurance agreement lies exclusively with the associates themselves