Accident report

Report claims to the relevant department or your insurer as soon as possible.

Accident insurance

+41 848 724 144 Immediate Assistance 

SUVA, the insurer of the basic accident insurance, is obliged to provide benefits in advance and to take into account the legally prescribed minimum benefits in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG). Benefits in excess of this can be requested from the supplementary accident insurance of your health insurance company. In addition to SUVA, please also contact your supplementary health insurance company and link the hospital with SUVA and the supplementary health insurance company so that a cost approval can be issued to the hospital by both parties.

  • You can report an accident to SUVA directly online. The reported accident will be automatically processed and forwarded to SUVA. Please use the following link:  UKA Send (novartis.intra)


Accident Emergency Assistance Abroad
If you are abroad and need help, +41 848 724 144 Assistance.
You can also try to reach SUVA Basel: +41 58 411 12 13, e-mail: suva.mittesome protection@with


Health insurance (treatment costs)

If you have any questions, please contact your health insurance directly.

Contact for Novartis associates insured with SWICA

novartissome protection@with

Telmed/Santé24 Hotline 044 404 86 06

Phone Benefits SWICA Team Novartis: +41 (0)61 270 67 67

Other insurance

Contact your insurance company's claims hotline directly.

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