Accident insurance

Accident insurance

Compulsory accident insurance in accordance with UVG (all Novartis sites in Switzerland)

Accident insurance according to UVG is provided by Suva and 24 other insurers. Suva has been insuring mainly companies in the production sector since 1918. The insurers under Art. 68 UVG - private insurance institutions, public accident insurance funds and recognized health insurance funds - insure service sector establishments and together operate a substitute fund for employees who have not been insured by their employer and who do not fall within the remit of Suva. Novartis is insured with SUVA.

Anyone who is employed for at least 8 hours per week by a single employer is automatically insured against accidents by that employer (UVG-insured). Employees can therefore take out health insurance "KVG without accident" coverage without hesitation. Depending on the health insurance company, this results in a premium discount of up to 10 percent. UVG insurance covers both the medical costs of occupational accidents and those of non-occupational accidents, i.e. accidents during leisure time. As soon as someone is no longer insured against accidents by their employer, they must report this to their health insurance company. Accident coverage then comes back into effect, and the premium increases. If you are employed part-time and you work less than eight hours a week, then your employer only insures you for occupational accidents (including accidents on the direct way to work). Accidents outside this occupational framework are not included in the insurance cover. You therefore need to take out a supplementary accident insurance.

By the way: Accident insurance according to UVG offers much better protection than accident insurance according to KVG (basic insurance with accident coverage). Those insured under UVG do not have to pay any cost sharing. In addition, the UVG provides for further benefits in the event of serious accidents, such as daily allowances, disability and survivors' pensions, integrity compensation, compensation for the unemployed and proportional payment of funeral costs. The provider of Novartis is SUVA (employer client-number 412-8036.0)

Accident insurance law - benefits

If you have supplementary private health insurance or supplementary accident insurance via the Rotkreuz site - i.e. benefits that go beyond the UVG, e.g. semi-private or private patient - it is advisable to check briefly with the hospital and your supplementary health insurance before admission to hospital. Inform the treating hospital about the insurance status before the treatment (1st - 2nd or 3rd class), otherwise the hospital will only initiate basic coverage (3rd class) measures.

Supplementary accident insurance UVG-Z (only valid for the Novartis site Rotkreuz, ZG)

Are you a Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG or Novartis Pharma AG employee? If so, you are covered by UVG-Z supplementary insurance. Please refer the hospital to Generali Versicherungen - policy no. 23 002 103 for a cost credit. From Switzerland: 0800 82 84 86, from abroad: +41 58 472 00 00. Supplementary accident insurance to UVG with Generali Allgemeine Versicherungen AG. In an effort to ensure optimal insurance coverage, the Novartis Rotkreuz site has taken out the following supplementary insurance, see the following excerpt from the General Insurance Conditions of Generali:

Treatment costs and reimbursement
Generali will cover the following costs if they are higher than
than the statutory benefits and as long as the insured
insured person receives treatment benefits and cost reimbursements
under the UVG or MVG:

a) Medical expenses:
The necessary expenses for treatments
which are carried out or prescribed by physicians.
Hospital costs (private room) and treatment costs,
meals and refreshments in the event of medically prescribed
Convalescent treatment that is provided in a specialized facility
Facility provided with our approval.

b) Home care:
During treatment (as defined in.
a) the insured person is entitled to medically prescribed
home nursing, if it is carried out by specialists of an organization
of an organization recognized under the KVG. 

c) Household assistance:
We will pay the costs if the degree of the insured person's incapacity for work is
incapacity for work is at least 50% and the physician
doctor has prescribed assistance for the insured person with daily
Household and gardening work has been prescribed. If the household help is
provided by an organization recognized by the KVG or UVG,
we will pay a maximum of CHF 60 per day. If the person
household help is not provided by a recognized
recognized organization, we will pay a maximum of
30 Swiss francs per day. No compensation will be paid to
the spouse or persons living in the same household as the insured person.
live in the same household. We pay a maximum
of CHF 3,000 per accident.

d) Medical aids:
We will pay the cost of medical aids. This applies
for all temporary and definitive prostheses,
the initial purchase of crutches, supports, hearing aids
Hearing aids, standard eyeglasses or contact lenses.
We will pay for the repair or replacement (replacement
replacement value), if they are damaged or destroyed in an
Damaged or destroyed in an Insured Event.

e) Property damage:
If medical treatment is required after an insured accident
accident medical treatment is required, we will pay the cost of cleaning, repairing
or replacement (at replacement value) of items of clothing or other personal
or other personal effects in the possession of the insured person.
Possession. We will also pay the cost of cleaning the
Vehicle or other items in the possession of private individuals
private persons involved in the rescue and transportation of the
insured person private persons involved (max. CHF 5,000.- per case).

f) Alternative medicine:
We will cover the costs of alternative therapies if they are
are carried out by a naturopath recognized by us, or
a physician of the Swiss Medical Association (SMH) (max.
CHF 70 per session; max. 20 sessions per case).

g) Personal costs for hospitalization:
Upon presentation of receipts, we will pay the
personal costs for a stay in a private room, which are
which are charged to the insured person by the hospital
(e.g. television rental, private telephone; max.
CHF 500 per accident).

h) Transport costs:
We will pay the costs for the transport of the insured person
after the accident, provided that they are related to
medical treatment (e.g. transportation to the nearest doctor, hospital, transfer to a
doctor, hospital, transfer to another hospital, journeys to participate in prescribed
to attend prescribed therapies and check-ups).
We will only cover the costs of air transport if it is
it is necessary for medical reasons. We only pay the
costs for transport by private vehicle (e.g. cab) if the insured person cannot be
the insured person cannot reasonably be expected to use
to use public transport (e.g. train, streetcar, bus).

i) Search and rescue operations:
We will pay the cost of search and rescue operations
for the recovery of the body of the insured person, if the death is the
as a result of an insured accident or exhaustion (max.
CHF 50,000 per accident).

No claims can be derived from this extract. In any case, the legal provisions and the insurance conditions of the insurance company are authoritative.



Supplementary accident insurance (applies to all other Novartis sites) 

Take out individual accident insurance as a supplement to the UVG or integrate it into private health insurance

Anyone who wants to be treated in a 2-bed room (semi-private) or in a 1-bed room (private or even private worldwide) in the event of a hospital stay due to an accident, or who wants to choose the hospital and the doctor freely, requires supplementary hospital insurance with accident coverage. If you do not want to be without additional outpatient treatment benefits in case of an accident (e.g. non-medical psychotherapy, treatment by natural healers), you should also take out supplementary outpatient insurance with accident coverage, if not already covered by the UVG insurance of your employer. We will be happy to advise you in detail, it is best to make an appointment with us.

Reporting an accident

SUVA, the insurer of the basic accident insurance, is obliged to provide benefits in advance and to take into account the legally prescribed minimum benefits in accordance with the Swiss Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG). Benefits in excess of this can be requested from the supplementary accident insurance of your health insurance company. Please also contact - in addition to SUVA - your supplementary health insurance, otherwise the hospital will only initiate measures under the basic insurance. 

  • You can report an accident to SUVA directly online. The reported accident will be automatically processed and forwarded to SUVA. Please use the following link: UKA Send (novartis.intra)
  • If you have supplementary private health insurance or supplementary accident insurance through the Rotkreuz location - i.e. benefits that go beyond the UVG, e.g. semi-private or private patient - it is advisable to briefly check with the hospital and your supplementary health insurance or P&O in Rotkreuz before entering the hospital. Notify the treating hospital (1st - 2nd or 3rd class) of the insurance status before treatment, otherwise the hospital will only initiate basic coverage (3rd class) measures. 

Are you leaving Novartis Switzerland?

Novartis associates are insured for accidents in accordance with the federal Accident Insurance Act. Anyone who works at least 8 hours a week is also insured for non-occupational accidents. In the case of associates who are insured for non-occupational accidents and are planning to take unpaid leave, for example, or to leave the company, the insurance for non-occupational accidents ends on the 31st day after the day on which their entitlement to at least half-pay ends.

After this, a special interim accident insurance group agreement concluded with Novartis for an extension of cover provides associates with insurance cover for non-occupational accidents in accordance with the benefits stipulated in the Accident Insurance Act for a maximum of 6 consecutive months. The extended insurance cover ends either when the unpaid leave comes to an end or when the person concerned takes up a new position with non-occupational accident cover, or at all events after 6 months.

Once this period of grace comes to an end, you have to make your own arrangements for appropriate accident insurance cover (e.g. by including accident cover in your health insurance).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,